McKinney Man Fights to Keep Dog From Death

Pit bull mix bit 67-year-old woman in the face

A McKinney man is fighting to keep his best friend alive after a Collin County judge sentenced the dog to death.

Anthony Kallas' 8-year-old pit bull mix, Rocky, has been in the custody of Collin County Animal Control since he bit a 67-year-old woman on the face.

Judge Roger Dickey deemed the dog dangerous and determined the dog should be euthanized.

Kallas, 24, staged a protest Wednesday in front of the Collin County Courthouse, saying he was not given 30 days to comply with the state's dangerous dog guidelines.

When a dog is deemed dangerous, some dog owners are given the option to keep their dogs under strict rules, such as obtaining a $100,000 insurance policy for the animal, keeping it muzzled in public and putting a tag on the dog saying it's a dangerous dog.

Kallas said he is willing to abide by the guidelines but was denied the opportunity to do so by the judge.

"I mean come on, he's got to be muzzled in public," Kallas said. "There is no room for error. Just give me the right. If I break the law and someone sees him unmuzzled, then take the dog away."

He has appealed the judge's decision. Kallas said he would be willing to leave Texas if he can get Rocky back.

Cora Brown, the victim of the dog's attack, said it scarred her physically and emotionally. She underwent two plastic surgeries to rebuild her face and will need a third in December.

She said the dog should be euthanized before it attacks someone else.

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