McDonald's Colossus Opens in Irving

Restaurant biggest in chain since 1990

Right about, oh, now, a ribbon cutting takes place on the country’s second-largest McDonald’s location, which is located in Irving.

For inquiring minds that want to know, the biggest sits in Orlando, Fla.

The Irving restaurant, built this summer and fall on the site of a 37-year-old Mickey D’s, spans 7,800 square feet -- about twice the size of an average McDonalds. It cost about $2.8 million to build with projected annual revenue of more than $4 million, and damn -- am I in the wrong business!

The owner, Heath Massey, employs 80 people, about twice the average headcount of a typical McDonalds.

This is one big restaurant, so big, in fact, it made news in Arkansas, which seems rather odd, but OK.

Avoiding all expected clichés hinging on “supersized” or “bigger in Texas” -- no, those don’t count; they do not -- such a colossal fast-food joint seems somehow fitting for Texas since we rank 13th highest in the United States in terms of obesity.

But, hey, Irving needs a little comfort food. Surely this landmark McDonald’s eases a little of the sting felt when they lost the Cowboys.

Bruce Felps owns and operates East Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He admits to a fondness for the McFish sandwich, which has to contain, like 27,000 calories and 712 grams of fat, but damn, do they have to swamp the thing in tarter sauce?

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