Ranks DFW 20th Most Affordable For Dating

Dating in DFW won't break the bank but you'll have to shell out some cash for a casual dinner

Dallas-based went in search of the major U.S. cities where a romantic night out won't break the bank.

Unfortunately Dallas-Fort Worth didn't crack the top 10.

Pittsburgh topped the list with a casual dinner and two movie tickets costing $77.80.

The most expensive city on the list was Los Angeles with the same date night costing $126.06.

Dallas-Fort Worth ranks 20th on the list beat by such cities as Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Houston.

Here's the complete list from

1. Pittsburgh
2. Detroit
3. Sacramento
4. Phoenix
5. Indianapolis
6. St. Louis
7. Tampa
8. Orlando
9. Houston
10. Charlotte
11. Atlanta
12. Denver
13. Cleveland
14. Miami
15. Portland
16. Minneapolis-St. Paul
17. Seattle
18. Philadelphia
19. Boston
20. Dallas-Fort Worth
21. Washington, D.C.
22. Chicago
23. New York
24. San Francisco
25. Los Angeles

We have to ask, what a "casual dinner" is to the folks at DFW doesn't seem that expensive to us, then again, maybe we're cheap dates!

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