Massive Nacho Medley at Yucatan Taco Stand

Homemade chips and original ingredients fill cheesy craving

If you like guilty pleasures as a meal, you’ll like what Yucatan Taco Stand cooks up.

The Fort Worth restaurant takes a "super-sized" approach to making nachos.

“It’s really good,” said customer Delaina Busby, who has been coming here ever since a co-worker brought the nachos back to the office for lunch.

“We’ve been coming here for months,” said Busby.

Once you learn what you get you’ll understand why.

Yucatan's nacho melody starts with homemade tortilla chips, an original blend of white cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese called Chihuahua Cheese.

It’s followed by your choice of shredded chicken, garlic shredded beef or ground sirloin.

Then there’s everything else: shredded lettuce, purple cabbage, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños, red onion, tomato and a special house recipe house queso.

“You get all kinds of reactions from just absolutely astonished to people’s jaw dropping. The funniest thing is when someone orders the nachos and that might not have seen it before, when it gets out to the table, that’s our favorite reaction cause some people might have ordered it by themselves and thought, 'What have I just done?' Of course we have ‘to go’ boxes for that as well,” said Curt Voirin, Yucatan Taco Stand’s director of operations.

If you’re really hungry you might be able to finish off one entire plate -- if not, don’t worry, the serving size is about three to four people.

Something the staff made sure to tell customer Vanessa Nunn when she brought her kids in for lunch.

“The kids decided that we wanted nachos, so we ordered three. The lady at the desk said these are really big, so we decided to drop one out and have one with peppers and one without peppers,” said Nunn.

Part of the appeal is what they look like. A single order will set off curiosity.

“It never gets old. I mean one of the most exciting things about it is if we sell one nacho and it goes through our dining room typically it draws attention and when that attention is drawn we know that those guests are going to come back and order nachos themselves,” said Voirin.

The restaurant's locations in Frisco and Southlake have closed.

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