Mansfield Football Coach Undergoing Treatment for Second Cancer Diagnosis

As Mansfield’s football team took the field Friday night, their head coach Daniel Maberry was undergoing chemo following his second cancer diagnosis this year.

Back in January, Maberry was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. His team and community rallied around him as he fought the disease. Then in August, they celebrated as he was declared cancer-free the same week he joined his team back on the field.

Now they’re doing it again.

Last Friday, Maberry told his team just before the game that he was once again diagnosed with lymphoma.

“They played their hearts out,” said interim head coach Greg George.

They played for their coach and they won. This week, with green ribbons on each helmet in his honor, they hope to do the same.

Though the Tigers side of the stadium was a sea of black and gold, there were hints of green all throughout. The cheerleaders wore green ribbons in their hair while shirts proclaiming “Maberry Strong” could be spotted throughout the stands.

“He’s worth it. His family’s worth all of this. They’re just great people. He’s doing a great job of fighting this battle and proclaiming the Lord while he’s doing it,” said friend Kama Erby.

Maberry is a husband and father to two young girls. He’s been with the district for nearly 20 years.

After his last diagnosis, his coaching staff started a GoFundMe to alleviate the financial burden of medical treatment for the family. It raised close to $84,000.

Now the community’s collecting meals and gift cards for the family as he undergoes the first of three rounds of chemo.

“It’s awesome. I can’t describe it any other way. It’s just been a God thing, honestly,” said George.

If treatment is successful, Maberry will undergo a stem cell transplant.

To follow his journey, visit the Maberry Strong Facebook page.

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