Mansfield Company Offers Earth Friendly Fundraising Goods

A little fundraising goes a long way

Texas schools and organizations looking to do a little fundraising can now help the environment at the same time.

At Go-Green fundraising in Mansfield, you'll find more than the traditional cookies and wrapping paper.

You can pick from tons of items including natural lipbalm, flowers or trees to plant and the ever popular reusable shopping bags.

"The process is really simple, they give us a call and tell us they want to start a fundraiser,  I send them free full-color brochures, money collection envelopes, we send a package to keep organized, and sheets to explain why they are doing the fundraiser," said Jordan Gottlieb with Go-Green Fundraising.

The company has already helped schools, churches, recycling clubs and big football leagues in their fundraising efforts.

"This gives them fresh new fun products to sell, the customers are really passionate and customers are giving them fun reviews, they really enjoy this fundraiser to help the earth and help their group," Gottlieb said.

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