Manny Being Smart For A Change

After using his brain and figuring out he had no other options...err nobody was stupid enough to pay him 25 million a year, Manny Ramirez agreed to a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. about a man not knowing the market for himself.

Manny is a great talent but teams stayed away because Manny will quit on you if he's not happy.  I'm a Manny fan, but it's a rep he earned in Boston.

So the only team will to touch anything over 15 milion a year in salary for him resided in Southern California.  He wanted a 5-year 100 million dollar contract in these economic times. 

The Dodgers love him.  The city and fans enjoy having him around.  He should have taken this 2-year 45 million dollar offer back in December, but not realizing America is having some serious economic times, Manny thought the offers the Dodgers made weren't up to snuff for months.

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