MADD Asks People to Pledge to Drive Safely

Campaign asks people to drive safe, drive sober and buckle up

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is asking people to pledge to drive safe and sober and buckle up during the holidays.

Texas tops the list for drunken-driving fatalities. Drunken-driving is blamed for killing 1,292 people on Texas highways last year.

Sean Carter, 25, said he has a message for people: Don't get behind the wheel of a drunken driver.

Three years ago, he did, he said.

"I had gone out to a couple of bars with two of my buddies, checking out chicks and trying to have a good time," Carter said.

Carter, a wheelchair user, speaks through a computerized device that converts typed words into speech.

"The driver lost control of his truck, and it spun and slammed into a tree on the passenger side. That is where I was sitting," he said.

The crash left him with a traumatic brain injury. Learning to walk and talk again has become his life's mission.

MADD National President Laura Dean-Mooney said a drunken driver killed her husband just north of Fort Worth.

She is urging North Texans to place a MADD ribbon or window decal on their vehicles as a pledge to drive safe, drive sober and buckle up as part of the organization's Tie One On For Safety Campaign.

MADD says the message includes safety belts because they're the best defense against a drunken driver.

"Take extra precaution during the holiday," Dean-Mooney said. "If you choose to celebrate with alcohol, do it responsibly," she said.

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