Lynn Wyatt Kicks It With Harper's Bazaar

Texas native and socialite Lynn Wyatt opened up about her struggles to Harper's Bazaar.

It's her first interview since her husband, Oscar Wyatt, was caught up in the United Nations Oil-for-Food scandal in 2007. Less than one month after her husband was released from prison, he had a stroke. Even with her fighting spirit, Wyatt admitted the past three years have been tough.

"It's tough on the caregiver. But I feel like it could be so much worse. [Oscar] himself is a very determined, strong man. He's got the will of 10 bulls. And, of course, I've got him covered up with therapists. He's got a speech therapist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist..." Wyatt explained.

With the support of her friends, like Elton John, Karl Lagerfeld, Kenneth Jane Lane and Carolina Hererra, she was able to push through.

"My friends just went beyond what I expected them to do. And people I didn't even think were my friends came forward. Next to my family, my friends are right up there because that's a real test for them as well," Wyatt told the magazine.

Friend Elton John commented on how gracefully the international fashion icon has made it through her struggles, "She's an incredible survivor... Lynn is positive. She's not sitting there on the pity pot, although she has enough to be on the pity pot because it's been hard. She might say, 'Oh it's tough at the moment, 'but Lynn doesn't break down and go, 'Oh, poor me.' She handles it with grace and dignity and moves on."

The interview will be included in Harper's March issue, featuring another fashion icon, Kate Moss.

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