Show Your Skin Some Luv

Ivy Halford loves your skin. Or at least she will once she gets through with it.

Halford's famous facials keep her clientele happy from coast to coast, as she jets between Dallas, Manhattan, and Los Angeles. So, it was only a matter of time until she came up with her own line of organic products to flatter your face.

Ivy's Skin Luv has been in the works for a while, but the label will expand considerably now that experts from Whole Foods' body care division are courting her lotions and mists.

The first products to debut will be Face, a dense soothing balm, and Potion, a lotion, and each consists exclusively of natural ingredients. Halford says she adopted her organic approach to skin care long before it was trendy, thanks to years studying and working on the forward thinking West Coast. And her products are the perfect companion to her budget-conscious facial treatments.

Known as one of Tinseltown's best secrets for two decades, Halford uses clinical but non-invasive combinations of treatments to get you glowing. She'll plan a regimen that's tailored to you utilizing microdermabrasion, IPL therapy, deep pore cleansing, high-frequency therapy, and oxygen treatments. The best part? No matter what combination of elements you choose, it will never cost more than $250. Halford's flat rate is advantageous, as any woman who's ever left the dermatologist's office aghast at her bill can tell you. She'll also apply her treatments to your legs or back for an additional rate.

Buy her products immediately at the Intuitive Hands Wellness Center or the Warren Wilkes salon, and hint - I hear you'll soon be seeing them on shelves at everyone's favorite natural foods retailer as well.

To make an appointment with Ivy, call her at (214) 770-7053 or email her through her website.

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