Love Shack Cooks Burgers with Heart

Chef with romantic name loves cooking.

If you're looking for a quick burger that's anything but fast food, a small square shack nestled in the Fort Worth Stockyards will hamper your hunger.

Chef Tim Love owns the Love Shack.

It doesn’t matter how well you cook without the chef’s namesake ingredient it’s not going to taste good.

If you know Love, you’re used to your burger being cooked with heart.  "A lot of goodness up inside the patty," said Love.

His signature hamburger is the Dirty Love Burger. "What makes our burger unique is a blend of 50% prime tenderloin and 50% prime brisket," said Love.

The patty sits between two grilled buns, crisp lettuce, tomato, specially made “Love Sauce” and on top of all those ingredients, a quail egg.

It’s a delicacy Love says you have to indulge. "Who in the world doesn’t like dirty love? That’s what I want to know… nobody," Love said.

"They are very good. They are tender and they are juicy and they are very flavorful," said customer Bethany Maxwell.

Love adds technique is the other part. "Every thought process is made like we’re making a $100 steak not a $5 burger." said Love.

He cooks them in a place where calling it small would mean they have a bit more room than they actually do. "Not bad for a 200 square foot restaurant with no a/c,” said Love.

Then there’s his flavorful entrepreneurial attitude. "You know the goal of the Love Shack is to tell Ronald McDonald to 'kiss my grits' if you know what I am saying," said Love.

"It’s fresh and the burger is really good I like the fries," said customer Melissa Nystrom.

You can find Tim Love on Exchange Street in the Fort Worth Stockyards grilling up an excitement for cooking that has the right substance and sizzle. He also recently opened a Love Shack in the So7 at Trinity Park.

The Love Shack

Fort Worth Stockyards
110 Exchange Street
Fort Worth, TX 76164

So7 at Trinity Park
817 Matisse Suite 445
Fort Worth, TX 76107

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