Longhorns Big Attraction at FW Stock Show

Last year's grand champion Hullabaloo competing again

The first night of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo began Friday with a colorful opening ceremony and a rodeo pitting ranch against ranch.

But to see what's stealing the show, walk over to Cattle Barn 3. That's the temporary home of Texas longhorns.

"They're just awesome is all I can say -- just incredibly awesome," one visitor said.

In Fort Worth, where longhorns are the symbol of the city, you'll find them on just about everything -- even police cars.

Hullabaloo, a 7-year-old Longhorn from College Station, was last year's grand champion. His horn stretches 7 feet, tip to tip. He weights 1,800 pounds.

"In addition to his horn, he's big-bodied," said his owner, Ken Harding. "He's tall. He's got color."

Texas longhorns almost became extinct back in the late 1920s. Legend has it they were saved in -- of all places -- Oklahoma.

Some children said they believed longhorns are dangerous.

"Longhorns could kill you," a young girl said.

But most of them are gentle," Harding said.

"It's sort of like getting kicked by a horse," he said. "If you're afraid of them and you stand off from them, you're right at the range where they can hit you with the full power."

The Longhorn Cattle open show is set for Tuesday Jan. 17 at 5 p.m. in Watt Arena.

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