Local Woman Wins Cream Cheese Challenge

Sweet creation nets baker fistful of cash

A creamy new pastry is helping a Keller woman climb the dessert ladder.

Paula Todora's fresh pear, berry and cream cheese strudel won the best dessert category from Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese's Real Women of Philadelphia contest.

She was awarded $500 for her sweet creation.  

Not bad for Todora's first cooking competition or her first time baking her cream cheese strudel.

"I loved it because the first time I tried it, it split open and everything fell out," said Todora. "And I went OK I have to do it again. Now it was a competition for me."
The proud winner claimed she had never baked either strudel nor puff pastry.

Todora said she plans to use the prize money for a new Kitchen Aid mixer.

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