Local Limo Businesses Booking Fast For Super Bowl

Super Bowl brings big payday to local limo drivers.


Limousine services are on the rise as more people are booking early hoping to ride in style during the big game weekend.

A 2 Z limo company says they can earn up to $200,000 over the course of the Super Bowl, that's 20 percent more business than All-Star weekend did last year.

A 2 Z Chief Financial Officer Justin Gooden said his company rents exotic limos unlike any other in Texas. The company is already 70 percent booked and plans to bring in more vehicles if they need it.

The Optimus Prime limo is a limousine and a semi truck mixed together. "We actually bought a semi, shipped it off to California, had it stretched to be a limousine," said Gooden. "This is by far most exotic limo in Metroplex very unique nothing like it."

Inside, the semi-truck has everything you can imagine to get to the game in style including DirecTV and  special lighting. "Every couch has 12-inch kicker sub-woofer in it, so like when you turn the music up it actually vibrates the back of the seat, it gives it more of a rock star feel inside," said Gooden.

Optimus Prime will run you $5500 a day, and has a 10-hour minimum. They have not booked it but believe it will go closer to the game weekend.

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