Local Grocer Shares Royal Recipe

Not invited to the noble nuptials? No problem.

A local British grocer is sharing the recipe for Prince William's groom's cake.

Sheela Kadam works at the British Emporium in downtown Grapevine and has followed the details of the prince's wedding closely.

After learning that Prince William wants what's commonly referred to as a fridge cake in England, because it's refrigerated instead of baked, Kadam came up with her own recipe.

All that's needed is butter, chocolate, golden syrup, dried fruit, nuts and British biscuits.

Kadam is from great Britain. She said not only is fridge cake easy to make but it's one of the most common treats in England, which should be a humorous sight next to the royal wedding cake.

"Prince William has specified that he wants one of his favorite childhood cakes which we call a fridge cake. He had it at Buckingham palace with the queen at teatime. I think it's very endearing and it shows he's got this kind of sense of humor," said Kadam.

Taste It:
If you would like a copy of the recipe, click here.

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