List Claims Dallas Has Best Fried Chicken

Online outfit The Daily Meal pulled together a list of the best cities for America's Seven Favorite Foods (hot dogs, hamburgers, tacos, pizza, fried chicken, ice cream, and donuts) and, yes, Dallas is among them.

With 113 listed spots to grab fried chicken, Dallas got named as the chicken king. Babe's was referenced by the list as a top spot for chicken -- as it should be -- though we're sure someone out there will claim Popeye's is their favorite.

While being included sure makes you feel like your chicken is worth something, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention exactly how the Daily Meal came to that conclusion -- by just counting stores.


That's how Los Angeles got the best Ice Cream crown, Chicago got the Hot Dog spot, and New York got the Pizza triumph -- they all have more locations for that type of "favorite food" than other cities.

This is where we publicly mention that quantity doesn't equal quality, Daily Meal. The 1737 New York pizzerias may not beat Il Cane Rosso in a taste-test for who's got the best slice.

Read the rest of the list here: Top Cities for America's Favorite Food

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