Liquor Stores: Sunday Booze Sales? No, Thanks!

Storeowners oppose bill that would allow liquor to be sold on Sundays

The signs outside Texas liquor stores have read the same for years: Closed on Sundays.

But a new push in the Texas Legislature would allow booze to be sold every day of the week.

“I’d love to see it open on Sunday,” said Robert Garza, of Richardson, as he looked for a bottle of cognac at a liquor store. “I know there’s some times I’ve wanted to go somewhere on Sunday, and nothing is open.”

Opposition is coming from a surprising place -- owners of liquor stores.

“I’m totally against it,” said Jack Labovitz, owner of King’s Liquor stores in Fort Worth.

He said he doubted the extra day of sales would translate into higher profits.

"I feel like the business will be spread out,” Labovitz said. “What we do in six days will be spread out over seven days. And we'll have the extra expenses of being open another day."

Also his employees wouldn’t be happy working on a day they’ve always had off, he said.

An association of liquor-store owners also opposes any change.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has not taken a position on the idea.

Rep. Roland Gutierrez, a Democrat from San Antonio, introduced the bill.

It’s a question of choice, convenience and extra sales tax revenues for the state, he said.

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