Snow Cones For Grown-Ups

Customers are eating up the grown-up version of a childhood favorite.

Bartenders at Deep Ellum's LaGrange are spiking snow cones with everything from whiskey to rum.

“I would definitely take this over a beer any day,” Chelsea Wilford said.

At $7.50 a pop, the alcoholic snow cones come in more than 20 different flavors.

“We have cherry, watermelon, banana and blue coconut,” said Scott Lastowski, LaGrange manager.

Besides the basics, there's also a cherry bomb and a whackadoodle swahili.

Twisted Root Burger Company near Southern Methodist University is also hitting a sweet spot with spiked snow cones.

“It really depends on the heat,” said Twisted Root manager Robbi Lewis. “The hotter it is, the more we sell.”

Twisted Root makes all of its syrups in house and uses only organic juices.

“My personal favorite is the jalapeno-pineapple with vodka," Lewis said. "It’s really good, and you’re not going to find it anywhere else."

While the over-21 versions are the most popular, customers can also order kid-friendly versions of any of the frozen concoctions.

Other adult frozen treats that are popping up include alcohol-infused ice cream and "boozesicles," popsicles made with liquor.

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