LinLo Needs to Eat a Burger

Lindsay Lohan's split from girlfriend Samantha Ronson seems to be bad for her health.

London's Daily Mail shows photos of a sickly thin Lohan. In the photos posted on their Web site Lohan looks to be skin and bones with her ribs sticking out.

There seems to be some concern that Lohan is heading for a Britney Spears-type meltdown since the Ronson breakup.

What the El!?! Editorial:

Take a look at the photos, and tell me she's not ridiculously thin. She does not look healthy at all.

Now the third photo is gross! It's a side view of Linds and you can see she's definitely without a bra and it's not a good thing!

Now on April 10 the Daily Mail reported that Lindsay was planning to go nude in an Indie movie to prove she's serious about acting.

Someone tell me who wants to see those in full view?

There's nothing wrong with the female body, but there are some things I don't need to see.

Lindsay's breasts are on the list.

We saw enough in New York magazine!

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