Libido Boosters: Fact Or Fiction?

With Valentine's Day around the corner, do you ever wonder if the rumors about the libido boosting power of foods like chocolate is fact or fiction? We've got straight answers for you from Dr. Lindsey Duncan, renowned naturopathic doctor and Super Foods expert (pictured above).

Dr. Lindsey, you've been very vocal about recommending supplements and herbs like Goji, Acai, Vitamin E, Yohimbe, and Tongkat Ali; which of these provides the most comprehensive benefits? "Definitely Goji and Acai. They affect everything from mood to skin to weight, in addition to the libido benefits. Vitamin E is also very important because of the fats it contains, but the herbs - Yohimbe and Tongkat Ali - are very much targeted to libido only. They're great for men or women, but very potent."

I heard that you have a magic Libido Boosting shake recipe, care to share? "Yes! It's easy, and you can find the ingredients at any health food store - two eggs, 1 C. lecithin, Acai juice, four Vitamin E capsules, and two to four capsules of Yohimbe. Your readers will be sending you flowers after they try this shake."

How did you discover the secrets to this particular shake? "Well, we created versions of it, originally, to help my patients deal with overall fatigue that was crushing their libido along with their general energy. And this super shake was the result! If you look at the specifc ingredients, though, you'll see that each of the items can be found in hundreds of clinical trials geared toward correcting fatigue. This a new and libido-specific combo of tried and true supplements and foods."

Do the supplements and the shakes work more thoroughly if taken regularly instead of as needed? "Absolutely. In fact the shakes would probably have close to a 200% increased effect if consumed daily, and the same goes for the rest of the recommended herbs and supplements."

So, how often do you recommend that clients and fans consume the recommended substances? "The Goji, Acai, and Vitamin E can be taken daily, as can the shakes. However, leave the Yohimbe and Tongkat Ali for special occasions, meaning leave them out of a daily shake regiment if you choose to do that. Those are very effective for sexual performance, but I wouldn't suggest daily consumption."

Can you weigh in on some common rumors as it relates to libido enhancing substances like chocolate, garlic, or certain chilies? "Chocolate definitely affects libido because it revs up the love chemicals in your brain like theobromine, but the cacao is the important part, so you won't get the benefits from a Hershey's bar. It needs to be dark or bitter chocolate with a high amount of cacao. Garlic is definitely not a libido booster in more ways than one! And chilies do rev up sex drive by promoting blood flow, so that one is true."

What, besides supplements, should we do everyday to feel our most energetic, in and out of the bedroom? "Cardio that gets you sweating and panting is key. Also, eat your Super Fruits, nuts, eggs, and other proteins."

So after your physically feeling phenomenal, what's your ideal Valentine's Day date? "Considering it's freezing where I am, definitely somewhere tropical! I'd like to be where it's very warm, no kids in tow, with a giant blender of the Libido Booster shake."

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