Libertine Bar Offers Snarky Posters, Drink Specials for Inauguration

The Libertine Bar and Giant Noodle (a freelance creative shop) announced a provocative new campaign celebrating the departure of President George W. Bush.

The posters sport a distinctly Texas feel and laugh-out-loud headlines such as "Rejoice America!  At long last, George Bush Is Disembarkitating" and "What do you know?  George Bush is being laid off too!"

"I think many people in the U.S. and around the world mistakenly believe that everyone in Texas loves George Bush," said Julie Bowman, Giant Noodle Principal/Executive Creative Director.  "Even though we're a red state, there are lots of us here who are welcoming the change. These ads say it in a way we can all laugh about."

The posters will be prominently featured on location at The Libertine Bar and online at to promote their Inauguration Day drink specials.

Signature drinks include the Obama Slammer, McCain Parting Shots and Sarah Palin Designer Martinis, which owner Simon McDonald promises won't be nearly as expensive as her attire.

"We're hoping for a big turnout on Jan. 20," said McDonald. "Because no matter how you feel about the election, we're embarking on a new era.  The least we can do is come together as Americans and raise a toast to a brighter future."

Take a look at the posters with the slideshow on the left.

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