Lia Sophia Goes Red Carpet

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Manhattan's Lincoln Center is always a star-studded, couture filled event that we can't get enough of, but this year, we were especially intrigued by the buzz surrounding jewelry label, Lia Sophia.

Already adored by stylish and savvy girls in Dallas and beyond, the well-priced line of bling drew major attention from fashionable girls attending this season's shows.

Spotted on celebs like Whitney Port and Katherine Heigl, Lia Sophia's statement jewels were rapidly on their way to ubiquity, judging from reactions at the tents. Among our favorites? Cuffs from the Boudika line, which is part of Lia Sophia's "Red Carpet Collection" series, and the Jupiter ring from the label's Fall catalog.

We caught up with creative director Elena Kiam recently to find out what's inspiring Lia Sophia's of-the-moment look and what's next for the cool jewelry line. Kiam, whose daughters are the co-namesakes of the label, filled us in on the international influences behind the current collections and the expansion plans for her "Social Fashion" empire.

NBCDFW: Fashion Week just concluded, and we're dying to know what Fall pieces the tastemakers were obsessed with?
Kiam: "Guiliana Rancic adored the 'Tudor' necklace from our Fall collection, and nearly every fashion editor and celebrity who stopped by was obsessed with the tribal-themed 'Boudika' pieces!"

NBCDFW: What items from the label are you most addicted to?
Kiam: "Definitely the cuff bracelets; I wear them obsessively and always mix-and-match several at a time. And since, like many New Yorkers, I find myself wearing neutrals far too often, I also wear a lot of the brightly colored, graphic necklaces and rings. The architectural pearl pieces are some of my favorites as well."

NBCDFW: What style stars do you admire currently?
Kiam: "I really appreciate Sarah Jessica Parker's taste level and aesthetic, and of course, Jackie O's iconic and chic look is among my inspirations as well. I adore any woman who possesses an effortless yet unexpected style."

NBCDFW: Apart from the fashion legends you mentioned, what inspires your creativity and your collections?
Kiam: "For me, it's always travel. Many of the collections end up being named after somewhere I've been lately, like the 'Ibiza' pieces or 'Cape Town' line."

NBCDFW: Judging by your world travels, you must be fairly social, but what, exactly, does Lia Sophia's "Social Fashion" lingo mean?
Kiam: "We like to think of our company as the intersection between social media and fashion! Part of what women love about shopping is the chance to share gossip, get a second opinion on possible purchases, and be generally social, in the traditional sense. Yet, since Lia Sophia is sold in intimate, at home settings, we've had to work toward a balance between the social media connections necessary to cater to our clients and advisors and the purely social aspect that women crave when exploring their style. Thus, 'Social Fashion' ended up becoming our go-to phrase when describing our concept; I love the double entendre of 'social' in the wording!"

NBCDFW: What's next for Lia Sophia?
Kiam: "We're releasing a new 'Special Edition Collection' later this Fall that's all about major bling and lots of shine, which is one of my favorite trends this season. And we're also expanding into Europe for the first time; Germany will be our first launch, and we hope to follow that up with the additions of Brazil and China."

Wondering what Lia Sophia pieces Dallas girls are coveting for Fall? We chatted with the company's DFW advisor Melissa Seaman to find out, and she tells us that the "Tudor" and "Curio" necklaces are the top fashion fixations among her clients. Among Seaman's personal favs are the "Va-Va-Vintage" collection and the hematite, statement necklaces.

Check out our picks from Lia Sophia's current collections in today's gallery and connect with the label online via the company's website, blog, and Facebook pages.

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