LGBT Activists’ Website Urges Amazon to Avoid Texas

The "No gay, no way" website launched on Thursday petitions Amazon not to move its HQ2 project to Texas or eight other states.

The website argues the states lack appropriate protections or actively discriminate against the LGBT community.

"Fundamentally if you were to ask me what we want to see, it's all 31 of those states that don't have (LGBT) protections to adopt them," said website campaign manager Connor Gaughan.

Gaughan says the website was created by about 10 LGBT activists, none of whom live in Texas. Since launching, he says they have received lots of feedback, both positive and negative.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings responded to the website in a statement Thursday, reaffirming the city's commitment to LGBT rights.

"Any suggestion that we're not L-G-B-T friendly is simply false," Rawlings said.

The GLBT North Texas Chamber of Commerce also called the website "very irresponsible."

The creators of the website told NBC 5 they understand some of the blowback but their loyalty remains with LGBT employees who may end up working in a new Amazon HQ2.

"We can't encourage Amazon to make a decision that puts those people at risk, that doesn't have protections for them, that doesn't honor their equality," Gaughan said.

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