Creative Communal Dining at ‘Let's Eat'

Gourmet with flair in small town Texas

When you dine at "Let's Eat," even your usual recipes will get a twist.

“It’s kind of neat that I have a following that will allow me to play with food and enjoy it as much as I do,” said Owner and Chef Curren Dodds who opened the restaurant in 1995 and changes the menu every three to four months -- if he doesn’t get bored with it before then.

“It’s been a lot of fun, a whole lot of fun. If it tastes good, then I put it on the menu,” said Dodds.

Like the Eight Cheese Macaroni And Cheese with Shrimp

“It takes about five minutes to bring it to a simmer and for the cheese to melt, and I’ll put it to the side, let it rest a little bit, and when the shrimp are done we’ll plate it up and have smoked jalapeno oil, we’ll have a sesame oil and we’ll add a scallion oil,” said Dodds.

There’s also the Beef Tenderloin with Swiss Chard Tart & Grilled Asparagus or the Rib Eye with mashed potatoes with asparagus.

“Not bad for the big city of Bluff Dale huh?” said Dodds.

Dining here is a limited engagement. Dinner is only served Thursday through Saturday between 6 and 9:30 p.m.

The restaurant is incredibly small, shack size, really. Almost all the tables are put together. It’s well worth the drive for many who enjoy effortlessly peering over their chairs into the open kitchen right behind them to watch Dodds prepare their food. There are no secrets here.

“Looking out and seeing the people enjoying the food, you know. Them enjoying what I do as much as I do, you know, but that makes it all, makes it all worthwhile," said Dodds.

"I’ve had several people say they feel like they are coming into my house. You are. This is my place so. I spend more time here than I do at my house. You are coming into my home,” said Dodds.

The desserts are just as appetizing -- they serve bread pudding and tempura fried bananas in a restaurant where homemade can’t get any closer.

Let’s Eat
28602 US Highway 377
Bluff Dale, TX 76433-3566
(254) 728-3635

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