Clean Your Plate At Lazare

Lazare owner Russell Hayward knows a thing or two about restaurants. His latest dining venture in the West Village is a return to familiar ground for the Australian native. After successfully bringing communist chic by way of Nikita and transporting taste buds to Eastern Asia when he owned Tom Tom Asian Grill, the current owner of TABC and partner in Fuse is going local.  

“In today’s economy, people want to socialize, drink and relax. We want to take people back to the way dining should be,” said Hayward of his new restaurant. That's right -- restaurant. It's not a pub or bistrobut simply a casual restaurant.

His idea of how ‘dining should be’ means pocket-friendly prices for cuisine comprised of only fresh, local ingredients. Texas farmers provide organic produce for Lazare’s menu. Free-range chicken, organic coffees grown on sustainable farms and raw milk cheeses from a local farm are further proof on the menu of Hayward’s commitment to going local.

It took seven weeks for Hayward and his team to transform the space (formerly Pescabar) into an American Bistro that looks as though it could have existed since the days of Édith Piaf.

After a brief game of employee shuffle (both the former General Manager and Executive Chef have already bounced) current Executive Chef Ryan Carbery is at the helm of the Lazare ship as it sails forward. Carbery goes to the farmer's market a few times a week to hand pick his veggies and herbs for the kitchen. It's a labor of love for the young chef, one he thoroughly enjoys.

Lazare’s menu is decidedly New American, with a throwback on it any “Pulp Fiction” fan can appreciate -- The Royale with Cheese. And at less than $15 for any entrée, the price of eating healthy has never tasted so good.

3699 McKinney Ave, suite B105

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