Party Pit Stop: Hacienda On Henderson

Late night menu makes restaurant a welcome addition to our party plans

Ah, late night dining. Only offered between 11 p.m. and the early morning hours, it truly is a thing of beauty. The Hacienda On Henderson opened a couple months ago to fill the void left by Cuqita’s. Mired amid murderous rumors, bleary-eyed clubbees could count on ole Cuquita’s for cheap menudo served piping hot.

The Mariachi were a nice touch too, especially when your head was already pounding from too much bass or … well, you get the point. Anyways -- times have changed since back in the day!

A human trifecta of Dallas nightlife -- Miles Zuniga (Slip Inn and Vickery Park), Pat Tetrick and Chris Faulkner (Lotus) are manning the Hacienda ship, while other investors stay at the helm. They have focused on delivering what the area’s ‘grind/unwind and grub’ crowd will expect.

Don’t go there for an intimate date night with your significant other. Rather, take an insignificant other you just met and give the lucky gal or guy a late night snack (peanut butter and jelly taco) before real dessert.

It’s a party atmosphere at The Hacienda On Henderson, and purposely so. Five 42’inch TVs on the patio and house-infused tequilas on tap (strawberry, jalepeno and pineapple) reinforce the whole, “come here, eat and have fun” vibe.

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The Hacienda On Henderson
2326 North Henderson Ave.

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