Last Recap Standing: Semis Part Deux


This week’s episode of “Last Comic Standing,” began with some monkey business (as usual). Host Craig Robinson made the crowd go bananas with his on-and-off spotlight intro that was puppeteered by a real-life chimp.

The episode was part two of the seventh seasons' semi-finals. Five comics who advanced in the episode will join the five from last week in the final round. (Find our recap of last week's round here)

Seasoned comic Roy Wood Jr. started off the show strong by singling himself out as the single guy among his friends. His dating escapades were a hit with the judges and the audience. He was the first of the night to make it to the finals round.

Fortune Fiemster was not the most feminine contestant, even though she's a chick. She scored some laughs by pointing out her obvious lack of feminine beauty and charm. Although she didn’t progress on, she did score some major points for her happy robot dance at the end of her set.

It was the end of the road for Dallas native Jerry Rocha (who we talked to during his Dallas show last week). Rocha made the crowd go wild with his African-American creditor impersonation. The judges had mixed feelings about it, but generally thought his bit was great. Not enough to advance him, though. That means we've got no Texans in the finals. Rats!

After a short break, Robinson started off the next part of the show by calling himself the show’s “Big Chocolate Stimulant.”

We were more than stimulated by the next comic whose act not only flopped with the audience but resulted in an awkward verbal battle between him and judges. Guy Torri, actor and comedian, took the stage with a strong political focus and jokes that centered around President Obama. His reference to the KKK voting for Obama during his Presidential election made the judges skeptical, and when asked about it, Tori told them to “Google it.”  We'd be hearing "Google it" for the rest of the show -- but that was the last we heard from Torri.

“Last Comic Standing” veteran Niki Glacier went home disappointed, too. Her hopes were dead set on the finish line for the second time around but, alas, she did not make it to the finals.

Have you ever thought someone was funny before they even said a word? Taylor Williamson tickled the audience every few seconds from the moment he entered the stage. A combination of his nerdy nasal voice and innocent charming smile made him a memorable crowd favorite, even though he did not advance to the finals.

The judges misjudged Mike Vecchione by making assumptions about his talent based on his looks. Judge Natasha Leggaro said that boys who look like him are usually not very funny. She was right -- Vecchione’s tough and stubby frame proved to be of no consolation to his connection with the audience -- he's heading back home.

Single mom and distinguished writer Laurie Kilmartin “killed” her last joke about her Russian boyfriend that never used “the” in his sentences. Coincidentally, Kilmartin did make it to “the” finals.

Watch out, it’s the most competitive contestant in the competition -- at least according to Leggaro, who predicted that Tommy Johnagin could win the whole show. Johnagin was ready to take no prisoners and impressed Judge Greg Giraldo with his relatable explanation of a kiss gone bad. Persistence landed Johnagin in the finals.

Moronzio Vance’s shared some wisdom for getting a job in a jobless economy, "Just go on [the job] and start working." His own advice worked for his job -- he’s now moving on to the finals.

The last comic going on to the finals was this season’s impressionist, James Adomian. Remember the guy that played George W. Bush on the movie “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay?” This is him. His set was strong and resonated well with the audience. Prompted by the judges request, the Bush impression was executed well on the spot. Maybe he's had some practice...

Now that the top ten finalists are chosen, it’s only a matter of time before we crown the next winner of “Last Comic Standing.” Cancel plans, set the TiVo, do whatever is needed to not miss next week’s finals.

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