Last Recap Standing: Finals Round Three


On this week's Last Comic Standing, the contestants weren’t the only things that got eliminated. The total number of comics leaving the show went from three per episode to just one, taking the "still standing seven" down to a final six. So which comic had their last laugh?

The show’s producers were not going to satisfy our curiosity that easily. Each comic was sent to safety one by one, leaving the comic with the lowest votes standing.

Jonathan Thymius put the minimal in minimalist by delivering his shortest joke yet -- Birds. (We wonder how long it took it him to come up with that...) Judge Greg Giraldo felt that Thymius was starting to run out of steam due to an extra dose of slowness and lack of material. At this rate, if Thymius makes it to the finals, we might just see him trying to pull off a silent set.

Who says being a comedian isn’t a real job? Roy Wood Jr.’s mom initially had her reservations about her son venturing into the world of comedy but now is his number one supporter. During his set, he proposed a new reality hit called “Last Baby Standing” hosted by Craig Robinson for octomom’s and the like. We're not quite sure that's a good idea...

According to judge Natasha Legerro, Mike Kaplan was clever, and if this was, “Last Writer Standing,” he would definitely be the winner. Kaplan strummed his way into the hearts and minds of the judges and audience with his acoustic intro song. A funny guy that can sing? Sounds like a recipe for success with the ladies!

Tommy Johnagin branded himself as the “All-American” comic, chucking corn over the biggest American flag an apartment window has ever seen. His “cocky” attitude was noted and complemented by judge Andy Kindler who couldn’t stop himself from hogging the comedic spotlight during his commentary. Legerro thought she could chime in as well but all she got in return was the sound of crickets chirping -- ouch.

It’s not every day you see a tough Italian man getting a mani and pedi; such a paradox can only exist in unique men like Mike DeStefano. He believes women should love themselves more before they detour their male counterparts from loving them. So wise.
The final two of the night came down to Felipe Esparza and Rachael Feinstein who both nervously awaited their fate.

The last comic who ended up making it to next week's show was Felipe Esparza who, like always, was a crowd favorite. We finally got to meet the woman behind this curly haired, stoner attitude comic --his mother. She prepared him food as he performed his obstacle course of chores during his intro.

Feinstein was the last female eliminated from the competition. Now it’s down to a brutal competition between the men and the talent is fierce. Stay tuned next week for some more laughs!

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