Last Minute Guide to Halloween

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Yeah, the middle of this week is hiding Halloween -- but here's some last-minute quick fixes to squeeze in the spirits.

Candy Crisis
Whoppers are wiped-out and Skittles have been swiped by the hordes of candy collecting consumers filling their carts with sugar-filled "fun size" treats to avoid Halloween tricks. Make sure you're filling your candy bowls with something good before Wednesday, or just leave an empty bowl outside the front door with a "Please Take ONE" sign on it. Those kids will never know...

Dearth of Decorations
Does the outside of your house look like it's still September? Don't fret. Grab some caution tape and string it up around your house as if a terrible accident had happened inside. See if you can get your off-duty police buddy to park in your driveway for an added effect.

Costume Catch-Up
You know what's scary? Ghosts. You know how to make a quick ghost costume? Put a sheet on. If that's not enough, maybe you can draw a goatee on your face and go as your own "evil twin." Finally, try the easiest idea and just wear a T-shirt that says "This is my Costume." Totally originally, dude.

Party Problems
Though most of the parties were last weekend -- check your Facebook feed for photos to confirm -- there are a few options for Oct. 31 itself. (Click here to see them) But let's say you're not in the mood to go out on Hump Day, maybe you can try watching a scary flick like "Never Say Never" to get you in the mood.

No Olds Barred
We get it, there's a pretty weird celebration situation in regards to Halloween. When you're a kid, it's a fun dress-up and eat tons of candy holiday. When you're a teen, it's a scare yourself to near death holiday. Then you hit the college/young adult stage of the drink in sexy costumes holiday. And finally, you reach that stage where you're the parent being dragged around by kids who think wearing a cat costume is awesome. But whatever your age, whatever stage of Halloween you're in, we don't think you're ever "too old" for Halloween. Just find your favorite part of it (WE LIKE CANDY) and focus on that fun. Happy Halloween!

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