Last Call: Luis Yanez

Set to make his professional debut, Olympic boxer and North Texas native, Luis Yanez sat down with James Chippendale just a week before his big fight.

Surrounded by those who guide him, Yanez enjoyed lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, Manny's Uptown.

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Yanez is full of confidence and energy as he talked about what first got him into boxing. "It just depends what path you want to take. You can take the good path or the bad path, but I got taught the road to success is this way."  

He was also very proud to represent the U.S.A. in the Beijing Summer Olympic Games even getting his picture taken with then President George W. Bush, during the opening ceremony.

"When I was about 14, I think I was about 14, Hector Beltran, he turned pro -- he was going to have his first fight, and I was excited for him and I was like, 'Man, you know, I wish I could be right there with him, I want to fight pro, I want to fight without headgear,'" said Yanez.  "Me and my coach had a talk and he said, 'You know what champ, you have a good chance of making the Olympic team.'"

The boxer grew up in Duncanville, has 4 brothers and one sister, his father is a native of Mexico and the family still calls North Texas home.

Through boxing he has traveled all over the world including Africa and Russia.

Music gets him pumped up, which is good considering he trains up to 5 hours a day and sometimes beyond.

His musical tastes vary and Yanez credits his trainer Dennis Rodarte with not only help shape his boxing career but also helping him develop his taste for music.

 "My coach never likes to fly, so he said,'You know what, we're driving.' So we drive and he's over here listening to country or something that I don't like. I change the station, he said,'No, this is my car, I listen to what I listen to.' Then he started talking to me, listen to the words, listen to what they are trying to say."

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His favorite hobby is bowling, Yanez said he prefers to stay out of clubs, instead playing pool or video games with friends.

He keeps up with people through his myspace page and fan club and credits "the man upstairs" for "making him the way he is."

On Friday, Feb. 20, Yanez will make his professional debut at the American Airlines Center, going 6 rounds with San Antonio's Julio Valadez.

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