North Texas

Lancaster Residents Frustrated Over Sewage Overflow

Some residents in Lancaster say recent heavy rain fall has caused their sewer lines to back up, dumping sewage on their lawns and in some cases into their homes.

“You can look at the pipe and see the feces coming out,” Rusty Cody, a homeowner said.

The problem began on Saturday and the City of Lancaster has said they are working to offer “relief,” releasing a statement that read in part:

“Unprecedented rainfall in the North Texas region is entering Lancaster’s wastewater collection system and have caused discharges in low-lying areas within the City. We are monitoring our lines to address the affect of the heavy rainfall on our sewer lines.”

But effected neighbors say very little has been done and the waste spilling into their yards is far from sanitary, as the City of Lancaster has called it.

“Sanitary sewage is something I wish landed in every city officials yard so they can feel how we feel,” Darrell Foster, a homeowner said.

The city has so far not said when they expect the issue to be resolved but with more rain in the forecast, neighbors say they are bracing for continued problems.

“It’s really a health hazard,” Foster said.

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