Labor Day Heat Diminishes Park Crowds

Fort Worth city pool also not extremely busy

Triple digit heat may have decreased the crowds at normally popular holiday spots in Fort Worth.

Trinity Park was anything but packed on Monday and even the city's only pool was surprisingly empty.

When Marine Park Pool opened for the last time this summer -- and, actually, forever as it's being replaced with a new aquatic center by next May -- there were more lifeguards on hand than swimmers.

"I was really surprised, thought there'd be more people here but it's picking up," said Josh Propp of Fort Worth.

The Propp family is among the few that decided to soak in the the unofficial end of summer -- not that it feels like fall is anywhere close.

"It doesn't feel like the end of summer at all, but we're glad the kids are back in school and we're giving it one last hurrah," Propp said.

Propp and his wife brought their three boys to the pool for the first time. The new kayak and canoe rental business at Panther Island Pavilion was busy with reservations as well.

Late Monday morning, the Trinity Trails were busy with bicycles, but as the day wore on and the mercury rose, the number of people leveled off. There were big groups here and there in Trinity Park, but for a holiday it appeared nearly empty.

"You think it's just the heat that's maybe driving them away? Maybe so," said Dave Allwine.

But the triple-digit heat didn't keep everyone away; the Gaucin family brought out the grill as part of its Labor Day tradition.

"It's a beautiful day, plus we're keeping ourselves hydrated with all that water, so it's good to be out," said Rico Gaucin.

But whether it's at the park or in the pool, while they may not be ready for summer to end, most everyone said they're ready for the heat to move on. Some are more hopeful than others.

"Being Texas, you never know, it could change," Gaucin said. "For all we know tomorrow it could be snowing."

Point of fact -- it's not going to snow tomorrow.

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