La Grange Attracts Local Musicians

Deep Ellum gem rocks all night long

If you like music, you’ll feel at home at La Grange nestled in Deep Ellum. The "La Grange" name comes from both the Texas town and the famous “ZZ Top” song.

Married owners Stephanie and Rob Schumacher opened the venue in late 2009.

“We wanted something kind of boutiquey, quirky, fun. Something that had history” Stephanie explains.  “We were looking for a place where people who have grown up in Deep Ellum can come and relax.”

You can enjoy the music on the floor of the venue, from the bar, or even from the sprawling patio in the back. The Schumachers want La Grange to celebrate the area and the musical tastes enjoyed by those who live there.

“You know Deep Ellum has been around since 1873 and so, for us, we wanted to put something here that was going to make a mark,” Stephanie says.

“Both Stephanie and I believe that Deep Ellum is an amazing neighborhood with a lot of people who care about it and we really wanted to give back,” Rob added.

La Grange offers flavors of music you might have a hard time finding outside Deep Ellum. It’s a flair Stephanie is proud of.

“What we do really successfully are the really great one off indie shows, lots of traveling bands coming through where we can bill them with local bands,” Stephanie explains.

She says the space is the perfect size to always pack the room.

Anthony Delabano has been playing in the area with Spectre 45 for almost a decade and always appreciates the crowd.

“Deep Ellum has a strong music scene, a strong group of people that are trying to work with it and are trying to get it to grow. We’re hoping to bring it back even stronger from year to year to year, you know?” Delabano says..

Whether it’s live music, a private bash or movie night, the party here goes all night long and you’re encouraged to come as you are.

“You can walk in, wear what you’re wearing and no one cares. No one cares what you drive up in. No one cares what kind of jewelry you got,” Stephanie Schumacher says.

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