Kroger Turkey Day Shopping

Kroger 11-19

MOST of the time, it pays to shop in advance, but we've had a few exceptions to that rule lately (like here)!

In this case, shopping prior to the day-before-Thanksgiving is a good idea. I do NOT want to be out shopping with everyone the day about Turkey Tantrums! Nothing like a stressed out mom fighting for the very last fresh turkey. Of course, there are tons of frozen ones available...if you have a super-secret way of defrosting them in less than 12 hours. No, thank you! goods came from Kroger & I'm quite happy with my purchases!

Here's what I scooped up:

(1) 10 lb Jennie-0 frozen turkey 33¢/lb

(4) bags of Marshmallows

(3) Bounty paper towels

(3) Angel Soft toilet paper

(2) Nestle Toll House Cookies

(2) Ritz Crackers

(2) Ritz Crackerfuls

Total Out of Pocket Cost: $4.30

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