Know Your Shopping Calendar, Save Money

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You know the best time to buy wrapping paper is after Christmas, and to buy your seasonal clothing when the season ends, but what about everything else?

Frugal shopper Laura Thornquist, of, says you can get the best deals on many purchases by buying them at specific times of the year.

"So when you're going out to buy something , especially a big ticket item, you always have to do your reserach and understand why things are on sale when they're on sale," Thornquist said. "And once you know that, the more money you're going to save."

While many people believe the best time to score a new TV is around the holidays, says spring, beginning in April, is the best season for deals on electronics.

Are you in the market for new furniture? Hold on to the old stuff for just a few more months. Jason Lenox of Anteks Home Furnishings says the summer holiday weekends -- Memorial Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day -- are best.

August seems to be the best month for buying a computer.

"With computers, back to school is always a great time because they have a lot of rebates and incentives," Thornquist said. 

For the absolute best deal on a new car, shop in September. 

"The reason is, the new models are coming in, and these lots need to get rid of the old and bring in the new," said Thornquist.

And if it's holiday airfare you seek,, a flight comparison shopping website, also recommends that you start looking now. CEO Rick Seaney said procrastinating isn't likely to pay off this year.

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