KMart Bonanza

I promised pics of my K Mart experience, so here you go! I am well aware that I do not need 16 deoderants (let's not mention the 30+ I already have at home). I plan on donating most of my stash to family/friends/church! No need to leave me a comment inquiring about my sanity! Sorry the pics are not fabulous...I'm working on that!

The Goods:

16 Deoderants (combination of Dove, Secret, and Old Spice)

5 Dawn Dish Soaps (of varying sizes)

2 Fiber One

6 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaning Pads (12 ct)

1 bottle of Mr. Clean Cleaning Solution

2 Arm & Hammer Starter Kits

2 Cover Girl Pressed Powder

3 Loreal Pencil Sharpeners

1 Cover Girl Foundation

1 Clorox2

1 Clorox Bleach (free w/ clorox 2 Purchase)

3 Cover Girl Eye Shadows

1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter

1 Little Debbie Snacks (because my husband went with me - never again!!)

1 Chips A Hoy Chocolate Chip Cookies (see above)

4 Softsoap Ensebles refills

1 Pantene Shampoo (not pictured)

1 Pantene Frizz Control

4 St Ives Apricot Scrub

1 Pack of Bic Pens

6 cans of Starbucks

Grand Total = $14 (PLUS I got a "try me free" offer for the Clorox2, so I will redeem that for $6!)

Most of the $14 was tax. I am so happy to live in Texas where I pay tax on the subtotal AFTER coupons...not the case in most other states!

Would love to hear more about your finds at KMart! Do share!

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