KERA Plans to Bring Back Music Programming

Since 1996, KERA has run a news and current affairs programming format on their 90.1 FM frequency, but now they're bringing back the tunes with the acquisition of 91.7 FM KVTT "The Truth" and its planned transformation into an Adult Album Alternative radio station this Fall.

What's an Adult Album Alternative sound? Try Paul Slaven's Track by Track podcast (one of our favorite local listens) or his 90.1 at Night program. In addition to Slaven's local programming, national public radio shows like World Cafe, American Routes, and Echoes will be piped in from cities afar to round out the sound.

Since the deal is just being announced, KERA doesn't have call letters or a name for the new station yet. We're still setting it up on a preset in the car anyway...

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