Rathbun's Latest Opening is in Dubya's ‘Hood

Kent Rathbun already has two high-ranked, high-profile restaurants in Dallas (Jasper's and Abacus), so why not open one more?

The "Iron Chef America" winner plans to open "Rathbun's Blue Plate Kitchen" in Preston Center this February, with a concept centered around "casual, affordable cuisine, with a Rathbun twist."

Robert Wilonsky really got some good dirt on the opening (which he posted about on Unfair Park -- click here to read) and SideDish's Nancy Nichols used her sources to find out this latest opening may be a flagship for a future franchise.

A provided press release was far less specific than the info Wilonsky and Nichols have got, but here's the official word from the horse's mouth:


Executive Chef and Partner of Highly-Acclaimed Abacus and Jasper's Restaurants Plans to Open New Eatery

With restaurant powerhouses Abacus and Jasper's on his resume, "Iron Chef America" winner and local celebrity chef Kent Rathbun has recently revealed plans to construct a new culinary destination to further enhance the Dallas area restaurant scene. Set to open late February 2009, the latest Rathbun concept is sure to become the Mecca of casual, affordable cuisine, with a Rathbun twist.

"Like many other chefs, I am constantly thinking and brainstorming ideas for unique restaurant concepts," said Executive Chef and Partner Kent Rathbun. "I have been fortunate enough to be given an opportunity that has allowed me to put one of my ideas to fruition and Dallas will soon have a chance to experience my cuisine in a whole new dimension."

The new endeavor will join the elite Rathbun family of highly-esteemed restaurants, including one of Esquire Magazine's Top 20 Best New Restaurants in America and Texas Monthly's 10 Best New Restaurants in Texas, Jasper's, and the Dallas Morning News Five Star rated Abacus.

Some information from Rathbun's press release.

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