Ke$ha Sings for the Mustangs

Everybody and their mother were talking about Ke$ha's performance at SMU last night. The glitter faced pop singer gave a free show at the school's Moody Coliseum. While some students were studying Financial Economics, others were busy mastering subjects like jorts, ripped hosiery and face paint.

Weirdo rapper Beardo broke away from his extracurricular activities at La Quinta to open the night's festivities dressed as Santa. Later, the jolly man took the stage with Ke$ha to close down the show with a rap performance of “Fight For Your Right" by the Beastie Boys... much like he did here.

Click here to see "what’s up with all the glitter" and here for a review of Ke$ha's Wednesday night concert at the House of Blues. (Warning: Stuffed unicorns are involved.)

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