Kanye West Expands Fatburger Biz

Kanye West is many things—experimental artist/musician, designer, eternal source of controversy, and a Fatburger entrepreneur (Note to celebrities: putting your money into low brow restaurants is so yesterday). According to The Daily Beast, West is expanding upon his two franchise operations in Beverly and Orland Park by grabbing the rights to 10 additional franchises in the Chicagoland area (that's like one franchise for every point on his recent perfect review on Pitchfork!). Apparently, West doesn't want to be "defined only as a musician" according to manager Gee Roberson. "He’s really a designer [...] He wants to do deals where he can have his fingerprints on the product.” No word yet on when we'll see those franchises come to surface, but if it's anything like the other two locations, sadly there probably won't be any 808s with your milkshakes. [The Daily Beast via Eater]

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