Judges Don't Save Idols

"American Idol" has said goodbye to Jorge Nunez from Puerto Rico. He was one of two contestants with the lowest number of votes on last night's show. Seventeen-year-old Jasmine Murray from Mississippi was the other one.

The show has introduced a new rule called the Judges' Rule. It allows the judges to save a contestant who they feel was voted off too early. That means no one will be voted off that week, but the next week, two will be kicked off. The judges can only use the rule once per season, it must be unanimous, and they can only use it until five contestants are left.

The judges didn't use their power to save Murray or Nunez. Nearly 33 million votes were cast on Tuesday night.

What the El!?! Editorial:

They didn't save them because they were going to go anyway. There are easily 6 folks who are seriously the top 6.

If Adam, Alexis, Allison, Danny, Lil or Matt come up for elimination you'll see them pull out the save, and maybe Megan.

Personally I'm rooting for Megan, she's cute, quirky and very "now" on the music scene.

It be nice to have a different sort of winner, we already had three rock/ pop stars (Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks and David Cook), two R&B stars (Ruben and Fantasia), a country star (Carrie Underwood) so why not a bluesy star? (Yes I know about Taylor Hicks, but has anyone heard anything from him lately? Megan is more eclectic like Amy Winehouse, Adele or Duffy.

(Associated Press)

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