Jonas Brothers Victims of a Panty Raid

Teen pop stars The Jonas Brothers have had to step up security because fans keep running off with their underwear.

While on tour the trio noticed pairs of boxer shorts disappearing from their dressing rooms.

At first they thought it was a prank, but when the 'boxer bandits' started leaving notes that said: "Your undies are safe with us… The Undies Snatchers!" the brothers decided to hire more security.

The National Enquirer reports all guests, including crew, press and friends, have to have a backstage escort to the trio's dressing rooms.

What the El!?! Editorial:

First "The Undies Snatchers" has to be the LAMEST name you could give yourself.

Second, it took underwear theft for them to realize that everyone who comes backstage needs an escort? Seriously?

If I were a big star, or rising star, I wouldn't trust anyone these days.


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