Jonas Tweet Sets Off Fan Rush at Cowboys Stadium

Between dropping their new album (it came out Tuesday -- source: an 11-year-old girl) and playing the newest "iconic" building in the nation, the Jonas Brothers were ready to perform a new kind of show; something we call a "Tweet and Greet."

Right around 1 p.m. CT, a lovely message hit the Jonas Brothers' Twitter feed stating the first 500 fans to get to a lot at Cowboys Stadium within an hour would get to come with the Jonases (Jonasi?) to their interview with Larry King and see the new stage they'll unveil at the stadium this weekend.

When NBCDFW's Ashanti Blaize hit the scene, hundreds of fans had been standing in the near 100-degree heat for about an hour before sprinting for the door so that they could be among the 500 fans to see the new stage and, of course, the JoBros themselves.

Apparently, though, stadium management said there is a "no screaming" policy in place when fans enter the building. We asked one fan how she felt about that.

"I'm going to scream anyway," she laughed.

No word on how the scream policy held up.

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