Johnson and Creuzot Fight for Dallas County District Attorney Job

A bitter fight is underway between two former District Court Judges to win election as Dallas County District Attorney.

Republican Faith Johnson was appointed in December 2016 to complete the term of former DA Susan Hawk who resigned.

Johnson is now battling to keep the post in heavily Democratic Dallas County against her Democratic challenger, Former Judge John Creuzot.

Last month’s shooting death of Botham Jean by Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger has put the top prosecutor position in the spot light, but it is not the only issue.

Johnson said she has restored morale and confidence in the DA’s office as a very public face in contrast to her two predecessors who were rarely seen.

“When you look at the leadership that I have given to this office by the things that I have done, it qualifies me. It's not about promises. It is about what I have performed,” Johnson said.

Creuzot argues that he is better qualified to achieve criminal justice reform.

“I'm the only candidate in this race who has demonstrably reduced crime and done so at tax payer savings,” Creuzot said.

He points to diversion programs he started on the bench as examples of the reform he would bring to the District Attorney’s Office to reduce mass incarceration of inmates.

“Within 90 days of taking office, I will deliver to this community a plan to address mass incarceration,” Creuzot said.

Johnson said Creuzot should not keep the plan to himself.

“He's been running for two years and he has yet to lay out a plan,” Johnson said.

Cruezot said his supporters have noticed that Johnson’s campaign material avoids association with the Republican Party.

“How can we expect candor and openness and transparency from a candidate who campaigns like this,” Creuzot said.

Johnson points out that Creuzot changed parties in 1995 from Democrat to Republican. Now Creuzot is a Democrat again.

“So the question is not whether or not I'm a Republican. The question is whether he's a Republican,” Johnson said.

Creuzot said he made the change at the time when Republicans dominated Dallas County elections with encouragement from his supporters.

“It was more important to be in office and continue criminal justice reform than to be out of office and not be able to do that,” Creuzot said.

At candidate forums, both Creuzot and Johnson have discussed the death of Botham Jean and how manslaughter charges against fired Officer Amber Guyger were handled.

Both candidates agree a Grand Jury will ultimately decide what criminal charges Guyger should face.

Voters in November will decide which candidate carries the case forward. Early voting starts next week.

Another District Attorney forum is scheduled at 6:30pm Thursday night at the Alan Sims Recreation Center, 310 Parkerville Road in Cedar Hill. School Board Trustees from Cedar Hill and DeSoto are sponsoring the debate. Johnson and Creuzot said they will attend the Cedar Hill forum.

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