John Madden The Video Game vs John Madden The Broadcaster

Today the sports pop culture landscape changed with the announcement that John Madden has retired from broadcasting. Madden's a Hall of Famer, won a Super Bowl, and been in the broadcasting booth for decades. But he may be more popular amongst the younger generation for his video game. Which, let's be honest, is the greatest ever created. And mouth breathers every year try to claim it's a kids thing, but adults own it.

Madden, with his huge eye-brows and his deep rumbling voice made NFL football what it was. He made sense, then made you look around and ask "really"? John Madden was great. His style allowed him to be easily impersonated. Football season won't be the same without him. John I beg you: DON"T STOP MAKING THE FOOTBALL GAME!!

It's really a toss-up: Madden the game vs Madden the Man

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