Jewelry-Making Moms Get Crafty

Trip to Canton inspires North Texas business

A trip to Canton's First Monday Trade Days turned into a budding business for a pair of moms.

Trini McMeen and Tracy Webster started Vintage 68 Designs after they were inspired by the crafts they saw.

McMeen and Webster now create handmade jewelry in a small room in McMeen's home.

"The greatest thing for me is I get to hang out with one of my best friends in the world," McMeen said. "I mean, I've known her since I was five, and it's just fun. We have a good time doing it."

Their jewelry is generating a lot of buzz at local craft fairs, and they're hanging their hats on memory pendants that feature photos of a loved one.

"I was interested in trying to do something with pictures, and then we happened to be at a show here in Fort Worth, and a customer came up and said, 'Hey! Have y'all ever thought of doing anything with photos, like of kids?' And that was just kind of a sign to us, 'Hey, we need to pursue that," McMeen said. 

The memory pendants sell for about $35

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