Jessica Slims Down?

New reports circulating the Internet say Jessica Simpson has slimmed down and regained her figure.

Simpson took the stage at the Strawberry Festival in Florida wearing a body-hugging white corset and cut off shorts.

Simpson took a hit when she showed up in early February at the Chili Cook-off in Florida wearing high-waisted jeans, a bulging black tank and a leopard printed belt.

See Photos from Chili Cook-Off CLICK HERE.

What the El!?! Editorial:

I'd have to argue once again that she made a bad choice with the jeans and played it smart this time.

Seriously, she's wearing a CORSET!! Guess what? It sucks your waist in. Also I'll point out she's wearing a shirt over the corset, so you can't really see how thin she is or isn’t.

As for the Daisy Dukes, she wore those not long after the bad jeans incident, her legs have always been fine!

People really don't get it, it's all about the packaging. She had bad packaging when she went on stage during the Chili Cook-off, nothing that couldn't be fixed with the right outfit.

I'm not saying she hasn't lost weight, she might have, but if she didn't that's okay too, because I'm willing to bet she threw those jeans away!

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