Jessica and Tony Spotted at Nick & Sam's

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have been hanging out in Dallas.

D Magazine's SideDish spotters report Tony and Jess were at Nick and Sam's Grill Tuesday night.

The pair was with a group of 8, including other Cowboys players and wives or girlfriends.

As for what they ate, SideDish reports he had a burger and she had fish. (You know you wanted to know!)

The pair reportedly was smiling and happy as they left the restaurant.

What the El!?! Editorial:

Well they weren't going to be hanging out in Nashville now were they!?!

Do you think they talk about the record label and the Eminem video? Or does everyone just sidestep those issues? 

I'm sure they have other things to talk about, but yesterday was a rough day in the Simpson saga of bad news!

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