Jennifer Aniston, Bond Girl?

Jennifer Aniston may be able to get over her breakup from John Mayer with Bond, James Bond.

That's right the Daily Express reports Aniston could be considered for the next installment in the Bond series starring Daniel Craig.

A source at Bond production company EON says: "We're always looking for the next Bond girl. She has to be beautiful but she also needs to have brains… Jennifer has all these qualities. It's great to hear she'd love to do a movie."

The same source goes on to point out that established actresses Halle Berry, Teri Hatcher and Denise Richards have starred as Bond girls in the past.

What the El!?! Editorial:

This is a HORRIBLE idea! Don't even think about it Jenn!

So basically Rachel bugs James Bond? Really?

Honestly she's some form of Rachel in EVERY movie.

"She's the One" – Rachel gets cheated on.
"Picture Perfect" – Rachel lies to her bosses and creates a fiancé.
"The Object of My Affection" – Rachel gets pregnant, falls in love with gay guy.
"Office Space" – Rachel works at Friday's.
"Rock Star" – Rachel's boyfriend wants to be rock star.
"Along Came Polly" – Rachel owns a ferret.
"Rumor Has It" – Rachel's family was the inspiration for "The Graduate"
"Friends with Money" – Rachel's friends all have money.
"The Break-Up" – Rachel breaks up with Vince Vaughn.
"Marley & Me" – Rachel and Owen and a dog named Marley.
"He's Just Not That Into You" – Rachel's boyfriend won't commit.

There are maybe two exceptions…
"Derailed" – Jennifer Aniston plays a big B and dupes a dude into giving her evil boyfriend all his money.
"The Good Girl" – Jennifer Aniston plays a woman who has an affair.

I like Jennifer, don't get me wrong, I just don't think she's as great as everyone makes her out to be.

Honestly she is filling a void left by Meg Ryan, but even Meg didn't try to play a Bond girl!! Oh yea, she did make that horrible movie with Russell Crowe. And wasn't "Proof of Life" the last time anyone talked about Meg?

Think about it.

So today as I was looking through Jenn's movie history I came across "Management" also starring Steve Zahn and Woody Harrelson. According to IMDb it's going to be released May 2009 although it appears the movie has already had it's premiere.

I think it's supposed to be a romantic comedy but it looks like a disaster.

It's the same ol' thing... uptight girl means nutty guy, but oops she has a boyfriend who's rich, so nutty guy goes after her.

To make matter's worse there's a wanna-be attempt at a "Say Anything" serenade that isn't cute or funny.

Add to that a running "touch your butt" joke and you have a romantic comedy nightmare.

It seems like a mismatch all around. I can't buy Jenn and Steve Zahn and I can't buy Jenn and Woody Harrelson.

Meanwhile there are reports today in The Sun that Jenn says she's the one who dumped John Mayer, not the other way around.

According to The Sun, John went cold after they showed up together at the Oscars and Jenn didn't appreciate it.

I say good riddance! John wasn't right for her anyway!

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