Jason Witten Speaks

For the first time since Terrell Owens was released by the Cowboys, tight end Jason Witten spoke on the topic. Witten was at  Speedzone in Dallas for a March Of Dimes event with NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin. No disrespect was meant towards March of Dimes or Hamlin, but the reason the media was there in quite large numbers was to hear from the All-Pro tight end about the all of the Cowboys changes.

In true Witten form, he was classy and really didn't light any fires over the situation. In fact he gave Owens quite a bit of credit saying, "Terrell was a great player. I think I was a better player because of him and what he brought to the team."

Witten also shot down the notion that Tony Romo will be a better quarterback because of T.O's departure, and that he (Witten) was involved in a conspiracy to get rid of him. In fact Witten said that it bothered him.

I like the fact that one of the big named players on this team finally spoke about this topic. I will disagree with Witten though that too much is made of the chemistry problems. Granted, team chemistry is better when your team is winning. However, this years Cowboys were dysfunctional. And I really believe it ultimately led to their undoing. There will still be some lingering chemistry issues surrounding Tony Romo. But overall, I think this move allows players like Witten and Romo to play without that enormous no. 81 cloud over their heads.

Click here, to hear some of Witten's comments.

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